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It’s happening and it's also one of the biggest fears for many, whom I don't know but the fearful apparently exist in massive numbers. It feels like the varied opinions about the browning of America are divided at least three ways.

I.The mixed race person feels normal until he or she is racially or verbally attacked

II.The black people who are happy because they find their message is being transmitted by the new breed

III.The white people who are fearful the browning of America will eradicate them

a) If you are a member of the fearful group, get over it.

b) If you are black, stop smiling.

c) If you are a mixed race person, it may all be up to you.

THE biggest takeaway from the browning of America, as I see it, is that it means it is no longer enough to just be white. These days and in the days ahead, white America will continue to be challenged if they keep up those ancient beliefs and actions. If teaching hate to children like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pretended to read Donald Trump’s book to his baby, then every DeSantis offspring and their like minded friends will pay the price going forward. America is changing fast.

Today's children laugh with disbelief at the things KKK members used to say. Today's children often wonder why their old fashioned parents are so angry. Today's children are curious about other children, most of whom all love the same things. They have no clue about differences until they are poisoned.

During a recent episode of W Kamau Bell’s “United Shades of America” on CNN, to hear a Jewish man say he grew up thinking he was supposed to pay a price for being Jewish in America, was heartbreaking. As African Americans, a similar and constantly sad feeling is that as long as we stay away from police and don’t get hanged from a tree, life is tolerable. That's life in black America, no matter what age, economic or educational level.

When the current president of the United States said our suburbs will die if certain kinds move in, he was apparently determined to prove his 1950s white way of thinking by changing the law and tweeting his beliefs, look out!

First of all, who are the housewives he is talking about? Most women work at something, some have the higher income and the idea of Lilly white suburbs died along time ago, but your president thinks THIS still exists OR he wishes it did.


When he threatens cities that have black and/or female mayors, when he calls Africa and Haiti shit hole countries, when he says Mexicans bring disease and drugs to America, be aware. When his former Secretary of Homeland Security lies about separating children at the border and when social loser white supremacist Steven Miller is given the keys to the country, going forward you might want to think before you drink. That Kool Aid is about to go bad. If you don’t believe it, maybe you’ll grasp this:

When colleges and executives accept money to enroll privileged white children who may not be smart, remember that’s being exposed. While it was going on behind closed doors, black children with high grades were barred from colleges because they couldn’t afford it, were rejected based on race or couldn’t get a loan or scholarship. That follows them into adulthood and fearful white supremacists will no longer escape the consequences of that systemic racism. Let all children have the opportunity or keep paying the social price for blocking them.

What's so bad about fair opportunities for black people, whether in school, in real estate or on the job anyway? Racism seems like a lot of turmoil to carry around in one's heart, just because one doesn't know any better. Take a seat and think. W Kamau Bell interviewed an ex-KKK member who was raised by a black woman. He claimed he lived a life of guilt and was "relieved" to be able to visit her before she died at 103. Another perfect example of "Play then pay". Pitiful!

Speaking of children, children of racists may be laughing at them behind their backs because they are getting more exposure and education than some losers can even imagine. If this administration can make trillions for their individual private lives because of political power, they can spend trillions to outfit schools with safety measures and provide EVERY child in America with a computer and internet access to study from home. Crime will not stop until children of all colors are educated. Period!

The fear that has taken over the mental and physical health of those comfortable with life as it was, is not only dangerous, it's so last century. When we watch rogue losers go nuts against Asians, Latinos, Jews and African Americans, we see stressed people with one foot in the grave. Either they look unhealthy while acting unhealthy or they have obvious issues that could be addressed, if only they prioritized life.

The woman who ranted against black neighbors because she said she smelled bacon coming from their home, was in the street yelling while her breasts were flapping all over the neighborhood. Her bra or the lack of it was nasty. Prioritize!

The white lady in Montclair, NJ who thought she had the right to question black neighbors about the construction of their new deck, should have stayed in the house. She not only looked ridiculous, she had lived next to them for at least two years. She was waiting for something else to complain about and on top of that, she knew the black neighbors were both lawyers because she shouted that in the street, proving she was jealous of their education. Oh, and by the way, the black lawyers were originally from one of the islands where people like her go to be served fruity drinks dressed up with umbrellas.

The idiots who threatened to hang a black man in the woods had tattoos on their huge bellies, dirty feet and faces two times older than their probable ages.

If you think I concentrate too much on cosmetics, it's because so far every loser I have seen looks like he or she is related to the other ones. Premature age, fat, stressed, bad clothing, bad or no hair and teeth and frequently, poor grammar and spelling.

The old white guy on the golf cart in Florida who yelled “white power” at protesters, now lives in a community full of Corona. In the words of president Trump to his late friend Jeffrey Epstein’s co-criminal: “I wish them well”.

If this all sounds redundant, it is. If it sounds like an angry black woman ranting at white people, hmmmmmm. What is happening is that High Heels is taking advantage of these tumultuous times when we know folks are listening. We are doing our part the best way we know how. Everything about this issue is redundant anyway because it takes redundancy for closed minds to hear. Loser’s words turn into actions that go viral. Actions turn into tragedies and those tragedies will eventually kill racists with stress or their children for also being dumb. Unfortunately, our children traditionally don't ask for much because they are so used to getting nothing. Our children have very basic wishes. This generation of parents of color is teaching children to have higher ambitions.

About some white people losing their freedom if America turns more brown, if the police are defunded or if they are forced to wear masks or stay home, the arguments are hilarious and stupid.

You burn on the beach to be brown, so you should be happy if you end up with naturally brown children who are not susceptible to skin cancer.

The police don’t come to your neighborhoods in general, so why do you care if their budget is reallocated to help society as a whole?

If wearing a mask and staying home violates your freedom, therein lies the problem. You are like spoiled little children who don’t want to eat the broccoli, even though it could save your lives. WHITE PRIVILEGE!

To that, High Heels says keep complaining, just like we said in 2017: “Keep talking Mr. Trump”. Talk yourself into oblivion, which he has done.

If white people are the only humans allowed to be sun tanned brown...fake brown while hating naturally brown people, then burn and get skin cancer. Who cares? If you can’t handle Black Lives Matter, then why do you try to look like the browning of America?