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I'm Not Racist/Part 2


"The flag and the rescue dogs"

Believe it or not, those subjects are just two of many social issues that could find people divided by race. Both are similar when it comes to SOME people vs the rest of the population.

One of the not-so-unusual but still weird racist experiences involved the wealthy white guy who befriended a black male friend of mine. Over the years, they double dated, my friend attended the white guy’s wedding (to an ethnic woman). They often joked around, as guys do. One day, as a joke, my friend emailed to him a picture of a confederate flag that I photoshopped for fun. It was actually an American flag before I tampered with it. Now don't get carried away. I am sorry if you don’t like it, but here is another African American sublime reality. After our soldiers fought in multiple wars and came home injured physically or emotionally and still not allowed to vote, including my Air Force father and husband, the flag earned little respect from African American women. Culturally, we are severely defensive of our men because of their history in America. We don’t cover the toilet seat with the American flag, we don’t make it a rug or a dust rag, but we also may not fly it outside of our homes on patriotic holidays and we certainly don’t cry when we see it. You can’t be sentimental about something that cares less about you. So, if I photoshop it for private fun, it's defenders photo shopped me and my people for society, so why not!.

Anyway, the longtime friend rich white guy immediately sent back a picture of Michele Obama, photoshopped with a mustache. OK, but how did he compare a photoshopped piece of polyester cloth to Michelle Obama other than the fact that he had an instant emotional reaction to defend President Trump. Actually, I thought it was funny that he was dumb enough to show his “trump” card. White guys are supposed to be smarter than that. Mrs. Obama is far from a piece of polyester cloth and as First Lady or private citizen, she disrespects no one. Not so for the flag or many defenders of the flag. Longtime friend rich white guy never met Mrs. Obama and would probably get weak knees if he did.

Michelle Obama is also richer than the longtime rich white guy friend and maybe that’s what's been eating away at him since 2008....jealousy. Anyway, no more words were spoken, no phone calls, no emails for months until the rich white guy called one day with a hesitant tone in his voice. He’d gotten the silent message, but he wasn't sure exactly how to take it. He didn’t know it was the Godfather’s influence: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. No argument, no retaliation but if asked, the mustache guy would definitely say: “My wife is ethnic. I’m not a racist.”

The former mayor of Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges wrote an Op-Ed recently for the New York Times in which she said white liberals say they want change but they also block change in crafty ways, like having the police do their dirty work. She echoed my sentiments by calling some of the white supporters people who need to “donate” some time for their conscience, but are not always willing to stick it out for the long haul.

Then there is the BIG ONE! Generations of interracial marriage between black men and white women. OMG! It’s been illegal in our lifetime. Black men have been lynched for daring to touch or even look at a “pure” white woman, even if the average white man wouldn’t want her anyway. Another now deceased African American friend met and married a white bartender from Texas years ago. She was far from Barbie but she was bleach blonde. His friends raised eyebrows because he had a few pennies to rub together from a lucrative sales career, while she had nightly tips. (Got the picture?) She lounged around a lot, but was not necessarily there for him when he got sick. Instead, she pressed him to buy her favorite type of home, a trailer and he did. After he died, several of us contacted her to express condolences. We each received similar responses: “I don’t need to hear from you n…..s anymore” For the record, he left her well off, something that would not have happened had she married a man in her own financial class, culture and race. She is not liberal. She is racist.

We’ve all been around Archie Bunker and Meathead types and everyone has a different interpretation of what those two were really all about. We don't make excuses for them because African Americans encounter Archies and Meatheads 10 times a day at minimum, but outside of our homes. When they come inside, I want to fumigate when they leave. Last year a maintenance man at our apartment marveled over the cleanliness of our place. I agonize over a piece of lint on the floor, so I don’t know what he was thinking and don't care. Why did he expect to see dirt? GET OUT!

Losers all over the country are yelling at and threatening not only African Americans, but Asian Americans, blaming the virus on them. The crime of looking at people with Asian features and spewing lethal saliva because the president said it’s ok is the worst since California’s concentration camps.

Most of our ancestors came to America before the loser families.

Some losers have lost their jobs because of their vermin but in other cases, all law enforcement can say is: “It’s being investigated.” Law enforcement is still “investigating” a string of 6 hangings of African American men over the past two months. They want us to believe the black men hanged themselves. Black men don't hang themselves and in substantial numbers, black people don't commit suicide. Why should we? Will hell be worse than some days on earth?

Losers who terrorize African Americans and Asian people also accuse Latinos of bringing drugs and disease. Meanwhile, television is flooded with save the animal ads, asking us to get them out of cages and adopt them. Who is advocating for the children in cages? Nobody is buying ads for them because it’s not fashionable and besides, they are only Latino. That is systemic racism.

This subject has so many fingers and toes that there's even more to express. In Part 3, I need to talk about the lawn jockey, Mom and the vanilla extract of epic proportions.