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When you hear the words “Black Community”, what comes to mind? I asked a few people to see if my previous hunch was on point. It was. When people hear the words “Black Community”, they tend to imagine a population without proper health care, education, nutrition or money. They either drive cheap cars or they have an expensive one they really can’t afford. Society may think Black Community means dense living conditions with lots of Corona virus and crime outside the window. Where do people get these set beliefs that all African Americans are the same? Some of it is the media.

When TV shows like Chicago PD cast darker skinned actors for criminal parts and lighter skinned, more white acceptable people to be the”good” ones, some viewers believe the distortion. When white political candidates show up at African American churches and change their dialect because they think they have to sound hip or cool, that’s racist. When African Americans are hired to sing and dance for white people’s parties but never considered guest worthy, that’s racist.

Hello America! This is dedicated to those of you who claim to be “shocked and appalled at the level of protest in this country”. Where have you been? If you were around in the 60s, stop acting like we’ve never been this way before. There are African Americans who have and who utilize proper health care. Perhaps it wasn’t until this Pandemic that many Americans realized there are so many African American doctors, nurses and other frontline health care workers in the world. That is not the only segment of the population with proper health care, but we can start there. Did you all know there is also a centuries old African American Medical College in Tennessee where many of our ancestors became doctors?

Most African American mothers and grandmothers focused on vegetables daily, but always on Sunday. My grandfather perpetuated an exaggeration that worked with me. He constantly said beets would make me pretty so I would eat them. Maybe because my grandparents had a child during the 1918 Virus, they always told us to keep a distance from anything questionable and wash our hands.

In terms of education, it is true society has blocked most children of color from a decent education based on geography, bank accounts, physical features or because the black parents didn’t know the right people. That practice dates back so far, it was the stimulus for the creation of colleges and universities created and run by African Americans for African American students. However, a lack of proper pre-education or funds does prevent many African American public school students from obtaining the credentials to attend any college. It’s mere institutionalized racism. Until now, we had to suck it up. The protests that you see are a new generation of young people who refuse to accept a bone or a roll of paper towels thrown at them this time around.

There is one thing going on now that is sad and embarrassing. ABC aired a special that featured every African American on air reporter they employ. I was waiting for them to bring out the drivers and cleaning crew. MSNBC has pulled regular and new Blacks out of the closet to talk on TV during the protests. I have seen more Al Sharpton than his neighbors. What is very bad are the apologetic white people who are acting surprised that this is happening. STOP. Many of you may have demonstrated back in the 60s because it was a good thing for college students, law students and grad school students to experience before the thesis. Then you graduated, became a rich professional, moved to an exclusive neighborhood where I better not get lost and now you want to be surprised. STOP!

There’s not much else to say on this subject without becoming redundant, which is what’s been going on for generations when it comes to race. The bottom line is the redlining is intentional, the shut-out from jobs, schools and other useful tools of society...is intentional.

The only way there is ever any change is from protest and sometimes violent protests. That’s the way of the world. As TV host Trevor Noah said, you may not think it does any good to fire bomb Target, but it also doesn’t do the oppressed any good not to do it. We know our differences and our similarities. The greater society is just guessing, based on a racial visual

So since you really don’t know and you really NEED to know, there is one thing that ties us all together as Black people, whether African American, South American, Caribbean or African by origin…..we are tired of being victims of lower quality people who are revered because they wear a badge or even because he might be the president of the United States. The young people today, many of whom are products of mixed race families, are going to change the world. Get ready or get off the bus now.

Oh...and about the “Don’t Ask” title, now you don’t have to ask. Don’t call and ask how we feel, what we think or whether or not we agree with the looting etc…..The answers are above so Don’t Ask.