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Alison Made Me Do It

(Right before publishing this blog, a former New York Knicks season ticket holder told me about being at Madison Square Garden on numerous occasions and hearing fans say "New York Niggers")

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I haven’t written in 13 months. I couldn’t because I kept thinking about the children locked in cages at our southern border. Not wanting to write about that, I abandoned this blog altogether and concentrated on other things in life.

The children are still in cages, those that haven’t died or been given to random child-less people. It’s still very depressing but so is our political life and now it’s MSNBC., a network that we ordinarily watch everyday. That might change. MSNBC hired Alison Morris from FOX, Allison’s tongue slipped out of place on national television and the “white-splaining” away began. Now the news outlets have colluded with each other to never again mention how Alison Morris meant to say “Los Angeles Lakers” but instead said “Los Angeles Niggers” when talking about Kobe Bryant’s sudden death. The “white-splaining” began with her saying she was confused and really said “Los Angeles Nakers” instead. That’s where the insult really begins because ethnic people are supposed to be so stupid that they can’t recognize the difference between “k” and “g”.

To all of the people on Twitter and Facebook, both black and white who don’t believe Alison Morris said “nigger”, it is that same mentality of turning the other cheek that this society hopes you will maintain.

“Don’t mention it and it will go away because black people are forgiving. Remember the brother of the dead man who hugged the killer”.

It’s not a good idea to continue to clump all African Americans and other people of color together. Hasn’t society, including the media learned ANYTHING from the stupidity of what has been happening in Washington? They have clumped ALL races and religions and colors into categories and how’s that workin’ out for ya”? There are millions of us who don’t believe Alison Morris’ excuse and don’t appreciate the lack of action on the part of the white media.

The fact that media management doesn’t personally care who she offended, doesn’t mean media management doesn’t have a legal and moral duty to give her the boot. This is not about Kobe Bryant. This is about the fact that you don’t have a slip of the tongue and say something that hasn’t been on your mind anyway or that you haven’t said before.

Before anyone reading this thinks I am taking on too much stress, listen up. I spent over 30 years in the media, both black and white, both music and news. I covered politics, United Nations and entertainers. During those three decades, my blood pressure was average when I worked for music radio. My blood pressure rose slightly when I joined general market radio and once I landed in New York television with people like Alison Morris, my blood pressure was as high as 150 over 30 something. I am fortunate to have been able to walk away from the job market at will 15 years ago and spend every moment since then with family. Last month my blood pressure 110 over 64, the 12th month in a row for that range. Everyone doesn’t have the luxury of walking away, which is the REAL reason why most African Americans are silent on the issue of Alison Morris. Didn’t someone on Capitol Hill recently say that a person who felt threatened may not admit it because they need the source that is threatening them? I think I heard that on MSNBC.

I love the fact that I can say what I want. I am so sorry, as are millions for Kobe Bryant’s family and friends. We never know when it’s our last day. So in case my last day comes anytime soon, I had to write these thoughts now. It’s the first time since I ranted over Laura Ingraham, a former colleague of Alison Morris. Hopefully, scared people and people who are silent because they worked with Alison Morris, look in the mirror like they want their politicians to do and admit that sometimes you need to stop defending treachery.

Thanks Alison for making me write again.