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It’s something I’ve said a lot in my lifetime. Sometimes it’s a joke, sometimes it may have been directed at a pet or a child. A former co-worker even had “stop it” in his contact list under my phone number, so he would know it was me calling.

This time it’s no joke and I’m not saying it to anyone but myself. I don’t know when I first told myself to “stop it”. It may have been while watching a local news story involving a white man ranting and raving at a young black woman on the Long Island Railroad commuter train because her telephone conversation was disturbing him. He called her names, accused her of being born out of wedlock and he went on and on.

Yeppers….Edward Ruggiero did it for me, even though it had been brewing for sometime. The young woman at whom he was yelling, solidified the problem in America when she told a reporter that Ruggiero made her feel less than she is. What has happened in America that a low class man on a train can make a strange woman feel like less of a human than he?

Then it happened again at Starbucks in Philadelphia. Police arrested two black men just because an employee dialed 9-1-1. She wanted them to make a purchase in order to use the lavatory, even though they were there for a meeting as are so many people in Starbucks all over the world. Starbucks head, Howard Schulz could have said “told you so” because he tried to talk about race in 2014 and nobody listened. Instead he closed all coffee shops the afternoon of May 29, 2018 to give employees race training. “Way to go Howard!”

The generations- long attempt to dehumanize African Americans has worked with so many people. The ignorant man on the railroad knew it and the young woman epitomized it. She took the bait. It reminded me of all the run-ins I have had in life with caucasian people that seemed and still seem so unnecessary. Some were clearly based on the fact that the white person in the story couldn’t dehumanize me at the moment, so we just went head to head.

It is why I have no problem with African American children having a sense of entitlement. They should have it because there are enough black children in the world who can’t have a sense of entitlement because no one will let them. The young lady on the train had little sense of entitlement because she let the idiot get to her.

Perhaps that’s why blogging has become difficult for this seasoned writer. She hurt me more than the man. The man is typical but she let him beat up on her verbally. I can only wish it had been me instead of her. There is nothing for me to write about now except the state of this country and that’s tiring too. Why should I get high blood pressure because Ivanka Trump is racking up trademarks? Why should I spend time discussing the racism behind the current administration when everybody knows it. For the most part, that’s why they were elected. Talking about it does no good, so stop it!

School shootings are still happening, toxic waste approval by the administration is about to re-contaminate water and air, China will probably hack our internet, more jails will be built to sentence people to life for smelling like marijuana and more children from Latin and South America will become orphans and sexual abuse victims as they are snatched from their parents at the border. Meantime, the white house chief of staff needs the dentist badly (disgusting to look at) and the rest of the administration will continue to do daily damage to average Americans while they are sleeping, especially those who are their base.

What I need to do is to “stop it” and move on to full time fun in life because I can’t stop the downward spiral outside of my life. Blogging about things that I see is counter-productive. The people who run this country are sick, vicious, selfish low class wealthy individuals. When things change, we might be back or we’ll re-surface like groundhogs every now and then when there’s something meaningful and positive to say. Until then, visit us on Facebook where everything will be uplifting and/or informative.

This website will remain but we are going to click up our heels while we still have shoes to click, feet to put in the shoes and a country where we feel like clicking.

For ANYONE who doesn't like the image of the little African boy saying "stop it", get over it. He knows. He is the future.

African boy says "Stop It" to racism