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Shut Up & Stop Talking

Anybody who has been down with the flu knows there’s not much to do other than wear socks, sleep and think. Now that that dreaded virus is gone and yours truly is out of deep thought, it’s time to talk.

While I was down, children marched all over the world, the president lost more qualified big spenders and Facebook got so far into our business, I thought I saw a “Like” fly over my bed. Ratings or not, sick minded Roseanne Barr flexed her old tired muscles because 45 called her at the same time an adult film actress was playing her “trump truth” card. I was ok with all of that until a bleached blonde tv host with adopted children from Russia became the meanest most evil mother on earth. This is the same washed up, untalented tv host who told a most talented athlete to “shut up and dribble”. HOW about you shut up and stop talking?

FOXTV host, Laura Ingraham

Having spent too much of my life in the crooked media, I know there is no God above that gave Laura Ingraham the authority to bash and berate children because she can only keep a job by talking ignorant. Her tweet against high school shooting survivor David Cogg was the most vile, ignorant, hypocritical piece of journalism from a most vile, ignorant and hypocritical wannabe journalist. This woman adopted two children from Russia without changing their names and a daughter from Guatemala. Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy in a racist adopting an ethnic child? Ingraham supports a border wall, but certainly her connections have secured her daughter from an ICE raid. Is it any wonder we emerge from the vaporizer with our own hot air?

Roseanne Barr knows she is old and tired. She knows her only chance to revive a career was to come back stupid with script lines like “fake news”...etc. Barr took ill some years ago and is lucky to be alive today. After that scare, she was publically shouting “Make America Great Again”. When was America ever great for all of us and since I am not Michelle Obama, I can say I have always been disappointed in America. America has done nothing for many oppressed people except bring us to this point. Where are we? There is nothing warm and fuzzy about that nasty Roseanne set. Perhaps many people can relate but “trust me”, “believe me”, it’s time is limited. It's ugly and we need to move past that mentality.

I don’t care that the president has lost more qualified big spenders. That’s their problem.

I do care about the intrusion of Facebook, but there isn’t much we can do about that either. I’m not giving up Gmail and Google is in our business too. We did reduce our exposure on Facebook and that’s forever.

About the children: I love the children. I love the children. I love the children. The children remind me of our teen protest days. Our little protests made a little difference for a little bit of time, but these kids shoulder to shoulder around the world will make a big difference for a huge amount of time. Can’t wait for one of them to run for office where I can vote.