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Farewell Fogies!

Haven’t been mad lately. Conventional thought is that is a good thing. But as friends and colleagues know, I write better if I am angry...hence the absence. I’m back so I must be mad about something.

Angry takes up too much energy and we’re preserving that these days. Instead, we watch television news at night and laugh at the stupidity of the elected officials all over this country. If the ignorant loser candidate in Alabama wasn’t enough, then you’d think they would take a page out of Pennsylvania. These less than smart politicians, including beauregard sessions and president 45, unfortunately fall within my generation. They have children and grandchildren and I have neither. They have money and I don’t. I am street smart and in touch with the future and they are not. Beauregard still thinks this is 1960 and he can order hoses to water shoot California politicians, like he did in Alabama. His boss tells high school shooting victims one thing, then does the exact opposite. Oops!!!!

But, Fogies "get ready....there's a train a comin'"

The young people in this country will usher you out of here. The beauregards and 45s of the world are tired old men, accustomed to having their way, lying and dragging their feet on issues that don’t please them or their bank accounts. This time they are reacting that way to children who survived bullets because it’s how they have reacted their entire lives to change. The difference here is kids don’t play. You can’t lock them up like beauregard locked up Dr. King. Millennials are the generation of “now”. They want what they want and they want it now. They may boycott, march, talk and protest, but they will not get on their knees. They will not stop until these broken old Washingtonians and 45s of the world are defeated. May I provide an example?

We text, email, snapchat and facetime with our 7+ teenage family members, if we choose. What’s important is that we know how to do it. We are over 65 with all the modern stuff we can muster up and understand. Hub keeps up with his grandchildren via text on a daily basis. I (the former news woman) text stories of interest or news that I think might be funny to my nephews. I thought I was keeping them up to date with something other than ITunes. I sent the teenagers what I thought was a funny political video that featured the current president. The response and lack thereof is the message.

One week after sending the group text and receiving no response, I get a text from high school nephew. He is allergic to the school bus (in his mind) so he needs a last minute ride home. I pick him up and ask him why he never responded to the funny video. He and the other three classmates in my car answered in unison before putting their earphones on: “We don’t care about donald trump.” Beauregard and the rest of the administration members are sneaking in their own legislation while we are sleeping because much of those new laws hurt this country’s most needy people, one way or another. What these old fogies need to know is the young people WILL change that. They will change the laws on guns, homosexuality, marijuana, healthcare and whatever else they don’t like. They will politically lead you out of here, so get ready.....

Orvieto-Duomo Fourth Facade

They will oust the rest of the crooks and those of us in your generation with vision, will smile all the way to our graves. In fact, there are those of us who love watching this mess because nothing ever improves without change. This is the change. The young people know what they like and don’t like and they are not wasting time on suits like you who are trying to drag the country back into a lifestyle that these young people never even knew. The politicians who have resigned or decided not to run for re-election see the handwriting on the wall. The young people are biding their time until the day they can vote, run and fix. I hope to have a front row seat, with gourmet popcorn.

We left the doldrums of sedentary retirees in order to be around these young people and understand where they are taking us in life because, like it or not, we are going where they take us. Sitting in the “pickup” circle at the high school, waiting for the no nonsense teenagers while watching the minivan moms, makes me grateful every time. I am grateful for the experience of learning from the very people this administration is ignoring...the people of the future.

Just to clarify, fogies come in all ages, sizes, colors and sexes. I know fogies who haven’t even had a 55th birthday yet. They can’t help it because they have been fogies since they were 18.



Joy was beaten down, kicked and shamed verbally and online for referring to the vice president’s religious beliefs as a “mental illness”. Joy was forced to apologize on The View. High Heels goes on the record on “Team Joy” for a very simple reason: “The vp can dish it out but the vp can’t take it”

This vice president has disrespected nearly every lifestyle that doesn’t agree with him, virtually and probably literally in private, calling other people mental. He has taken a stand on things that are none of his business, such as whether or not businesses can discriminate against homosexual customers. The vice president has lied (which is sacrilegious) about campaign and other political issues. He spent vulgar taxpayer money on a photo-op at an NFL game over an issue that has nothing to do with him. This man cocks his head and speaks in a whisper with that fake no strand hair, as if that kind of body language heightens credibility. On top of that, he is afraid of having any females around without his wife? Whaaat!!! (I never believed that rumor). It doesn’t get anymore hypocritical than that and it IS mental, not just his fake religious public image, but the rest of his “bookend” lifestyle.

For the record, mr vp, the featured photo in this blog shows Saints (today's young people) leading the criminal fogies to heaven. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been let in through the gates. What a nice gesture. You should pray today's young people who don't trust you will do the same thing. Mr vp, you can obtain more religious education here:

You really should study religion before you claim it or preach it. Don't talk the talk because it sounds "en vogue" and don't throw stones when you live in a glass house.

“Thank you Joy Behar and some of us are sorry you had to apologize. If I knew you, we could talk all night on the telephone about stuff like that, but then you would be sleepy on The View.”