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3,959,417 people turned 18 in America in 2017. An educated guess is that the number will be the same or higher for 2018, unless we continue to have school shootings. Listening to everybody’s solution, High Heels is ready to chime in.

Give every teacher a gun after government & taxpayers spend a fortune to train the teacher, including payroll for substitute teachers while the real teacher is in gun class, learning how to shoot one of her students that he or she really won’t want to shoot. STOP! First of all, “experts” making these suggestions are making them way after the fact and making dumb suggests based on personal mis-education. Ponder this:

What happens when the teacher goes to the bathroom? Does the teacher carry the gun to the toilet and to the teacher’s cafeteria? If so, that means the cafeteria or teacher’s lounge is loaded with guns everyday. Hopefully none of the teachers are dating each other and one gets scorned. This is not funny. This is tragic and dumb suggestions won’t do anything but make a bad situation potentially worse. Experts need to think before something happens or stop calling yourselves experts.

Another dumb suggestion that won’t work is the age limitation for buying guns. The murderer in Las Vegas was not only dirt, he was as old as dirt. Everybody old and young will always be able to get access to guns, one way or another. In fact, gun convention organizers love this conversation because gun sales jump as gun enthusiasts get scared they won’t be able to buy in the future. One of the scare tactics also being used against people who can’t think for themselves is that their guns will be taken from them in the middle of the night during a nationwide gun raid. STOP! Believing anything and not thinking about future consequences is what got us in this situation in the first place, however you want to look at it.

This kind of outrage from students is long overdue but it’s certainly not new, as clearly stated in Wessays' "Band-Aids" Won't do. Parents need to understand it’s happening because the adults didn’t have a solution. America understands the solution is difficult because many parents of students victims are gun owners themselves. These children grew up with or knowing about guns.

Now “experts” want to take advantage of children and the smartphone era. A new APP has been created so students will know something is happening inside the school, directly from their phones. How dumb! Everybody and possibly the kid in the bathroom at the time, may not have a phone. By the time the info reaches every student, the perpetrator is already inside the building. Columbine should never have happened but it should have been the last time. “Experts” shouldn’t just be people with law enforcement experience. Experts should be people with common sense, problem solving experience.

May High Heels have the floor please to make a “low-powered, don’t worry because nobody cares what we say anyway” suggestion?

  1. Guns in the hands of teachers won’t work for all of the above reasons and more

  2. Creating an age limit to buy guns won’t work because not only will older people buy the guns for a teen if they want to, the teen will be 21 soon so they’ll be able to buy a gun in a couple of years.

  3. Everybody who wants a gun already has a gun so all this talk and listening sessions are a waste of time and money. It’s already been publically proven that our Education Secretary is clueless or could care less about public schools.

The only answer to no guns in schools is NO GUNS IN SCHOOLS! Is that brain surgery? No it’s not, so what it means clearly is security outside the school and cameras installed for every exterior angle of every school. Some of you do it at your homes, you track your kids on your smartphone, you pay a fortune for the president of the United States and his family to have 24 hour security and you won’t take that short little business flight if you don’t see a security detail at the airport. So why are you allowing your children to walk into a wide open, multi exit, un-guarded building every weekday for at least 13 years? Every school administrator, teacher, student and parent should be confident that there are no guns inside the schools because the security gate was at least 25-50 feet from the front door. If municipalities, federal government and taxpayers with no children don’t want to pay for that, then keep switching on the television for the next school shooting.

One last thing: For people who hate to “tarnish” the suburban schools with “urban-style” security guards, get over it and grow up. The killings are happening in the suburbs, the same suburbs where people settled in order to get away from urban threats. Every TV newscast somewhere everyday has a reporter who indicates that people on the tree lined street or in the seemingly safe suburb are shocked about whatever crime just happened. Hello people!

Trees don’t stop crimes and neither do suburbs. Some of this could be blamed on the “values” of the adult generation.

No...one more thing. As also written in Wessays’ “Send Me No Roses”, baby boomers have been down this road as teenagers. As teenagers, we created political and social change in the 50’s and 60’s. Possibly what happened is that the same boomers raised their children to not make waves, go along with whatever structure they face and live more of the American dream. Now, those kids who are parents themselves between the ages of 35 and 55, are also the ones who grew up with a sense of entitlement. Sorry, but today’s so called Gen-Xers are raising their children to be clones, to conform, to isolate themselves with “like” peers and to ignore other kids with personal problems. Bullying is not addressed BEFORE it happens by parents and teachers alike. Everybody isn’t mentally ill in the first place, but peer pressure, problems at home or physical attributes can create a monster. If the parents of today’s children don’t stop teaching them to be and act a certain way for particular “acceptance”, they are leaving themselves open to the kid who had nobody to turn to for help.

Oh….and one more one more thing. Opioids! Think about how fast the healthcare industry will put someone on antidepressants or pain killers. (The Veterans’ Administration was guilty of this) Once the person is addicted, we have a problem. Then we create agencies to deal with Opioid addiction and the same people who don’t want to pay for school security and cameras, are the same people paying for the salaries for all those employed to stop Opioid addiction.

By the way, those three million, nine hundred fifty nine thousand, four hundred seventeen people who turned 18 last year, can vote this year. If experts between 35 & 55 don’t find the BEST solution to keep them safe, they will find their own, just like we did in the 50’s and 60’s.