The Election 2014

by Wes Richards If you watch enough TV cop shows, you know by now that one of the big catch phrases is “there are no coincidences.” If there are two dead bodies, one M.O. in the same neighborhood at around the same time, chances are there’s only one perp.   The TV Cops should give lessons to the real-life politicians, who would then stop insulting our intelligence with both word and deed.   Political coincidences are a little less cut and dried. But only a little.   Is it a mere coincidence that the amount of highway construction ramps up during the summer before election?   Is it a mere coincidence that the price of gasoline falls all the way down to outrageous just before election day.   Look at the pump! What was $3.59 or Read more

Common Sense Obituary

By Sharon Leslie Morgan   Thomas Eric Duncan died Wednesday, October 8th. The hopeful Liberian expatriate who came to America to marry his sweetheart succumbed to an excruciating death from the Ebola virus two weeks after being turned away at his initial visit to the emergency room at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. That was followed by the indignity of his family being rousted from their apartment and transported into exile at a location unknown. Countless questions remain about his treatment, or lack thereof, and what will happen to his family. Surely, numerous lawsuits are in the making. Ebola has existed for almost 40 years. “In 1976, Ebola (named after a river in Zaire) first emerged in Sudan and Zaire. The first outbreak infected over 284 people, with a mortality rate Read more

No More Surveys

If we're not happy with your business, we will let you know. Is anybody else tired of getting requests for surveys? Every survey asks the same questions: "Were you happy with the service? Were you happy with the customer service rep?  Would you recommend this business to others? After charging what is inevitably too much money, then companies want you to tell them how they are doing. How many people take the survey and actually tell the "askers" that they are unhappy with the price? Since we've claimed the baby boomer privilege of doing only what we want to do and nothing more, we've decided to ignore all future surveys because if we are not happy, we will let you know. Perfect examples: We recently checked into a brand new high end chain hotel in Chicago. Nearly an hour after checking Read more

Show Me Your Papers

by Wes Richards Well, fellow New Yorkers, the era of stop and frisk is over for now.  The touchy-feely mayor and the equally touchy-feely police commissioner have decided that too many frisks yielded too few felons during the previous administration. Not to mention who got stopped and frisked. But fellow fans of Big Brother, fear not.  The de Blasio City Hall has an alternative sure to warm your conspiracy- addled heart. They’re going to issue ID cards. City ID cards.  Presumably with a picture.  Maybe with a picture and a thumbprint. Why not? Worked pretty well in some of the world’s great democracies like Germany and South Africa. News dispatches from The Wizard of Downtown say this will help the undocumented. There’s high probability that it also will Read more