Damned If You Fly, Damned If You Drive

“We have done some terrible terrible things to innocent people...in the course of fighting crime” Attorney Ron Kuby, criminal defense and civil rights lawyer, in the 1990 case of Johnny Hincapie, who was convicted of murdering a Utah tourist in New York. First, however, this is about a recent road trip and by the time you reach the bottom, it will all come together. Flying used to be fun. We’d fight for the “window seat”. Now we can’t eat or drink anything for two days before a flight or we’ll have to use the dreaded airplane bathroom. Nowadays the biggest flying problems are long TSA lines and whether or not gunshots will ring out at baggage claim. So we all fly when we have to but since we are retired with time on our hands, we decided to drive from New York to Illinois. We Read more

Maybe it’s Maybelline

I think I look younger, healthier and better now than I did at 25. With age, the attitude has also taken on a whole new face and meaning. However, some things never really change. So I'm thinking maybe it is me and maybe it's not Maybelline.  I can’t go to restaurants or bars that have a smell. I can’t eat there if the crew didn’t clean the floor the night before. (I look). I (often) can’t use their silverware without a cup of hot water to re-rinse them. I can’t stand to watch the bartender “wipe” the glass with a towel to make sure it “looks” clean to the customer. I can’t. I can’t eat food that was delivered by a waiter or waitress whose thumb was on or close to the food without gloves. I can’t touch a sticky, grimy salt or pepper shaker that wasn’t wiped clean. Read more

Politics 2016

I’m confused but I am not ashamed of being confused because I know I'm not alone. The confusion is about the candidate's real goals and each one's REAL supporters. What are the issues and who are the voters? What is the real relationship between Donald and Hillary? It always seems like he is trying to help her win. Why have Melania Trump and Donald’s daughter Ivanka both posed nude? Why does Donald’s son Baron look like he is not part of this world? Why does Hillary sway her arm and hand in staccato movements like a dictator? Why did Tim Kaine’s wife think she was supposed to walk with Hillary Clinton on stage like two First Ladies? Surely she was schooled that her job is to walk with Bill Clinton, the probable First Husband. On the subject of Tim Kaine, who Read more


Mom used to watch that Rod Serling show with that scary music and scary man’s voice at the opening, announcing your arrival to the TWILIGHT ZONE. Being the type of kid I was, scary was not my thing so I would leave the room. When that wasn’t on TV, the news showed riots and policemen with dogs beating back people with sticks and hoses. Mom said all the people were trying to do was either vote, go to school, go to the bathroom or sit down somewhere to eat. For the most part, the people couldn’t do any of that without confrontation with police and other people. I used to cry until I left the room. Once as a teenager, I had to drive my Parents' new Oldsmobile to Kennedy Airport from New Jersey to pick them up at 5 o'clock in the morning. About 3:30AM on the Garden State Parkway Read more