The Cosby-like Capers & Michael Brown

are really not about Cosby.  I keep thinking about my own days as a Flight Attendant and the many years I spent in the media working both radio and television. In those days, meeting celebrities or just being in the same place as a famous person was as common as having lunch. What keeps coming to mind is Las Vegas. Not necessarily the day in the 70's when I saw Bill Cosby walking across one of the casinos holding hands with a young white woman. That didn't faze me because in my mind, all celebrities cheated, whether they really did or not. However, as a flight attendant, we could attend any of the shows for free as long as we were wearing our uniforms. No alcoholic drinks allowed in uniform. One night after seeing a very popular singer in one of the biggest nightclubs on the strip, I was Read more


Even in his mega-star years there was one thing Bill Cosby never had to worry about.  He need never have feared he’d awaken, open his bedroom door and be overrun by a stampede of women eager to push him back onto the bed.   If true, all the dirt that has surfaced about him -- sometimes resurfaced --  makes you wonder what goes on in his head.   But a mega star he was.  Rich, famous and beloved.  Now, it turns out, rich, famous, beloved family man, Cliff Huxtable -- Dr. Huxtable -- was prescribing and dosing patients with more than “two aspirins and call me in the morning.”   Nothing like a couple of roofies to knock a doc off the pedestal.  If he actually did it.   If it was one woman one time and the case was settled and everyone is keeping silent, it Read more

Mayo is a Four Letter Word

Leave it to giant Unilever.   The Goliath- size food conglomerate is on the attack.  The David in this story is a company in San Francisco called Hampton Creek, which makes a vegan spread called “Just Mayo.”   Vegan means no animal anything.   Lever says ahah! False advertising!  Regulations say Mayonnaise must contain egg yolks.  Egg yolks are made by CHICKENS!   Hampton Creek founder Josh Tetrick says that’s why they don’t call their stuff mayonnaise, just “Just Mayo.”  Everyone knows what that means.  In fact, one major manufacturer, Kraft, calls its actual egg-containing mayonnaise “mayo” on the label.   Probably, Tetrick will be forced to call his sandwich spread something else.  And that is hitting him the wrong way.   Butter substitutes Read more

The Road Trip

What's up with Florida? What's up with Charleston, South Carolina? What's up with Hilton Head, South Carolina? Recently we visited all three places on our Fall 2014 road trip. Why not?... was the reason. My husband had never been to South Carolina and wasn't anxious to go, thanks to Joe "You Lie" Wilson and Lindsey Wam Bam Graham. His reason was not to give any money to a state that refused help from Washington when it needed the money as much or more than most other states. "Who cares" was my attitude because we can find something wrong with any place you name. He kept talking about how the islands off the coast of South Carolina were stolen from African Americans generations ago. I kept responding with how African American and Native American property was stolen in every other state Read more