Show Me Your Papers

by Wes Richards Well, fellow New Yorkers, the era of stop and frisk is over for now.  The touchy-feely mayor and the equally touchy-feely police commissioner have decided that too many frisks yielded too few felons during the previous administration. Not to mention who got stopped and frisked. But fellow fans of Big Brother, fear not.  The de Blasio City Hall has an alternative sure to warm your conspiracy- addled heart. They’re going to issue ID cards. City ID cards.  Presumably with a picture.  Maybe with a picture and a thumbprint. Why not? Worked pretty well in some of the world’s great democracies like Germany and South Africa. News dispatches from The Wizard of Downtown say this will help the undocumented. There’s high probability that it also will Read more

Don’t Let Your Facebook Page Outlive You

by Wes Richards Put this on your bucket list:  “I will make sure my Facebook page dies before I do, or soon thereafter.”   The sites of three long gone real- world friends remain active. On each, people post birthday greetings, “thinking of you” greetings and pitches.   Pitches for coins, pitches to end the sale of ivory.  Pitches for online poker games.   These are not paid ads. They’re not put there by Facebook itself.  These are placed by so-called “friends” who never updated their own lists or who don’t mind turning those long gone friends into from-  the- grave salesmen.   It’s wonderful to remember poor old Jack.  Fine to keep the flame alive.  Many of his other friends and relatives will visit and see and remember Read more

The OTHER Playbook!

You might be able to tell we thought long and hard about this blog because our Robin Williams tribute has been the headline ever since he passed. At the risk of sounding selfish and non supportive of other women, I intend to express a High Heels & Hot Flashes Ray Rice point of view. One thing about being of hot flash age, we can say what we want without apology or without caring what others think. Also, without sounding like I am apologizing in advance, let me say I am not. As a woman who has been married for quite some years and who was also married in the past, I know how angry men can make us. I know how naturally selfish they can be. At the same time, I know women have a playbook of their own. Am I missing something in that infamous video of Ray arguing with, punching and finally Read more

Robin Williams

by Wes Richards Robin Williams was crazy-funny.  And he never did anything half way. Until now. Now we get to see a part of him we either never saw before or -- if we did -- never wanted to think of as real.  He’s still funny. Early on, he was a lonely little boy playing mostly alone in a spare room of the Michigan mansion in which he was raised. On stage and sometimes on film, he still was that lonely little boy.  He was still playing by himself.  And we all benefitted just because we could see or hear him do it. Now come the questions:  How far back do you remember him.  About the furthest back anyone can think of is 1978, when “Mork and Mindy” burst onto ABC and into all of our heads. We never had seen anything like that program before. Read more