When Cablevision was our TV service company, we made the checks out to CableVermin or CabalVision. They cashed the checks and raised the rates every time you turned around. When Comcast was our TV service company, we made the checks out to Con-Cast. They cashed the checks and raised the rates every time you turned around. Stop turning around? Not a solution. They assumed you were turning. We switched to a satellite company which also is no bargain. But it’s fun to form a betting pool on when service will return after thunderstorms or snowstorms. Comcast recently has become the garbage disposal of corporations. You put your garbage in the sink, flip a switch and your castoffs become a gelled substance that easily flushes away. They are the biggest of the big cable companies. Read more

OK Bruce Jenner

  This comes from a middle aged African American woman who refuses to live one more day confused in this confusing American society. I now know there are people, like you, who are more confused than I have ever been. Even though I am conservative and traditional in many ways, I grew up in the era of Bohemian acceptance and if my father had let me, I would have attended Woodstock. I love San Francisco, can’t stand hypocrites and I used to believe in marriage before children. Now I don’t care. I used to think Kris Kardashian was a barracuda who held you back. Now I realize her aggressive money making nature is the reason you are able to do what you want to do, debt free and in style. I, like many others, wondered why your step daughters gravitated to African American men (although Read more

Hillary for Champion

  This stiff wants to be America’s champion? Fine. Get her a box of Wheaties and a Babe Ruth mask and let her swing her big bat all over the land.   America doesn’t need a champion any more than it needs a tea party and its young and restless.  It needs a President. And no one who has announced for a major party nomination is worthy of the title, let alone the job.  For that matter, neither are most -- if not all -- of the people “everyone expects” will eventually announce.   First let’s clear the air about Grandma Clinton and the three jobs she’s had since you first heard of her: First Lady, US Senator and Secretary of State.   The first lady does nothing.  Oh sure, Mrs. Roosevelt and Mrs. Johnson and even Mrs. Eisenhower had their little causes.  Read more

A Penney Postcard

The JC Penney store around the corner has closed.  And they’ve sent us a postcard.  A Penney Post card.  For those of you too young to remember, a post card from the USPS used to cost one cent. For those of you too young to remember, James Cash Penney was one of America’s leading merchants.  The name means something. Until the store closed, his picture hung near the office. Ninety five when he died.  And almost immediately, the store started sliding downhill.  Happens a lot when a big outfit turns on one personality. If you think otherwise, take a look at Apple between Jobs-1 and Jobs-2 and again now.  Lost its polish, though not its value. Be patient. Look at Microsoft post-Gates. So, here comes the postcard.  “We’re sorry your store has closed.”  Our store?  Not Read more