Home Renovations that will be Hot in 2017

When people remodel or renovate, they tend to do it based on one of two things. Either they do it for their own reasons – they want it to look nicer, be more functional or efficient. Or do they it based on trends in housing. Either way, each type of remodel has its own benefits, as well as disadvantages. In this article, we will be speaking about the types of people that remodel for trends alone. The article below will discuss the Home renovation or remodel and design features that are still popular in 2017. Entry Door Replacements An entry door replacement is not only a trendy thing to do, but it’s also the project that costs the least amount of money and yet has a pretty high return on investment. It only costs between $400 and $850 to replace your old door with a trendier material Read more


Hi 2017! Bidding farewell to a particular year should be done happily. We’re all fortunate to have made it through the year, good or bad. However, 2016 was an unusually difficult year for many people, so we happily kick the year in the rear by kicking the “6”. For many people it was the presidential election that has them ruining the toes in their shoes. For others, it was the death of so many public figures and perhaps private friends and family as well. This so-called baby boomer has a laundry list of reasons to kick 2016 in the “6”. Even before the presidential campaign, American values went down the drain. Snapchat did a bang up job destroying people’s lives as millions of accounts were compromised. Images ruined careers and relationships, as did Facebook and Twitter. Read more

To Save a Quarter

“You’ll drive three thousand miles, stand in line three hours and deal with weird people just to save a quarter”. Those are my husband’s words as he sits in the car in the Walmart parking lot. He won’t go into Walmart because he thinks everybody; workers, shoppers and me are all weird.                                                                                Pinterest.com He also sits in his car to make sure nobody breathes on it while it's in the Walmart parking lot. I don’t mind Walmart, especially if I go early in the morning when the parking lot and the store are not crowded. I admit Walmart is not even close to shopping at places like organic grocery stores or even Needless Markup. (We love that phrase). However, when Read more

Gifts and Teens

Gift giving for teenagers that are not your children. Figuring out what to buy for today’s teen may be the single hardest decision to make. It’s up to their parents to furnish the electronics. We stay in our lane. So that leaves clothes, gift cards or cash. Using the process of elimination to keep it simple, we immediately omit clothing. They know what they like and most likely, it’s nothing like what you like.                                                                              With gift cards and cash on the table, we narrow it down to a gift card to a clothing store. It’s like cash. Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Now we need to figure out what store they like (this year). Let’s start with the girls. Here’s how the text went: Us: Read more