Robin Williams

by Wes Richards Robin Williams was crazy-funny.  And he never did anything half way. Until now. Now we get to see a part of him we either never saw before or -- if we did -- never wanted to think of as real.  He’s still funny. Early on, he was a lonely little boy playing mostly alone in a spare room of the Michigan mansion in which he was raised. On stage and sometimes on film, he still was that lonely little boy.  He was still playing by himself.  And we all benefitted just because we could see or hear him do it. Now come the questions:  How far back do you remember him.  About the furthest back anyone can think of is 1978, when “Mork and Mindy” burst onto ABC and into all of our heads. We never had seen anything like that program before. Read more

Even Ducks Do It

With time on my hands, I stopped this day to watch the ducks because I've been noticing the similarity between ducks and humans. At first I thought it was just my imagination, but it kept happening. Most of the time, they separate themselves by color. But whether they know it or not, ducks of color and white ducks are so similar to each other in many ways.  They ALL beg.   They each stayed on their own designated side of the park for the most part, until I parked my car. Then they all came running, black, brown and white together, begging for food. I had no food so the dark ducks made a U-turn and went back to their previous activity.  The white duck, however, commenced to yell at me for coming around empty handed.   I don't do ducks because I don't know or understand Read more

Bottom of the Cracker Barrel

by Wes Richards If this doesn’t make your blood boil, there’s something wrong with you. Cracker Barrel is in trouble again.  This time it’s because it fired a Viet vet in his 70s who gave a homeless guy in Sarasota a muffin and some packets of tartar sauce. The old fashioned southern themed restaurant chain has a worthy rap sheet. Back in the early 1990s it circulated a staff memo which said in not so many words “if you appear to be gay, you go away.” People lost jobs. Founder Dan Evins said that was a mistake. Really, now? Fast forward to 2004 when the Justice Department said the chain segregated customers by race, providing worse and slower service to non- white customers and seating them last. In 2008 Cracker Barrel distinguished itself Read more

Joan Rivers

by Wes Richards What’s not to love. She’s raw.  She’s funny.  She’s crazy like a fox.  She makes people laugh.  But there are limits… and what you’re about to read has nothing directly to do with her. To bring you up to speed if you’ve been so focused on the World Cup that you aren’t aware of Rivers’ interview on CNN. She’s flogging her new book.  She goes on with Fredricka Whitfield who asks a lot of vapid questions, evidently thinking that she’ll get a rise out of the old star and it will be funny. Instead, Rivers gets insulted… sits still for another few questions… then takes out her earpiece and walks off the set. The tabloids say it was a publicity stunt. A few days later, Joan’s on Letterman and he asks her about the interview. Read more