Selective Memories

It was September 11, 2015, fourteen years since the airplane terrorists attacks on U.S. soil. Everybody was saying the same thing: "Remember...We shall not forget...". I was moving about with the television off. Some of us had refused to be depressed all over again and refused to write about it, having already done so on the tenth year anniversary in 2011. Some of us cry "Remember..." and "We shall not forget...." and some of us who witnessed the tragedy in person choose to try and forget. When the smell of burning bodies stays with the nose for 14 years, it's hard to forget even if you want to. It's not possible to totally forget but it is possible to re-think, re-focus and "remember" what we want to remember. EXEMPT FROM THIS THEORY ARE FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF 9-11 VICTIMS. As I sat Read more


The Judge either got paid well or he is a Tom Brady groupie. Either way, Brady got nothing but we’re not playing the race card. However, the black NFL players who have done something wrong have mostly done wrong outside of the game of football. Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson were all guilty of at least SOME of what they did wrong, but either their sentences were strong and lengthy like Vick and they were publicly vilified like Adrian. In Michael’s case….the road to the end of his career. End of subliminal race card references.   Tom Brady and/or his team and coach cheated, not just last year but in the past. Remember Spygate? Yes, we are Giants fans. The mighty Patriots have already been caught for those past unfair practices, so in essence this was Brady’s second offense. Read more

Post Party Depression by Wes Richards

  A few words about the Fox TV encounter among the top ten Republican presidential wannabes. (Fox called it a debate, but it wasn’t.)   You can put the ten of them neatly into five categories.   Louts/Gavones: Trump, Christie.   Smarmy/Whiney: Huckabee, Kasich.   Dopey: Bush, Walker, Paul.   Self Lobotomized Brain Surgeons: Carson.   Tokens: Cruz, Rubio.   There’s some potential bleeding among the categories.  For example, you could put Carson in “tokens” and move Paul into “Self Lobotomized” though you’d have to change the category name to “Blind Eye Doctors.”   What a sorry lot.  Who won?  Fox News and Hillary Clinton.  Carly Fiorina and Bernie Sanders were the runners up.   The differences among Read more

A Ghost’s Story

by Wes Richards The following recently materialized on the Wessays™ computer hard drive and is being posted as received:   You have to wonder what's wrong with people.  Here I've been “living” peacefully for a long long time and now new people move into the house.   I try to scare them off. It's not that I don't like them. It's just that this is MY personal space. So I turn down the thermostat.  They can't figure out why it's cold.  I float up behind them and tap them on the shoulder and they jump.  I move things around, drop dishes, slam doors in the middle of the night.  And what finally happens?  They figure the place is haunted.   Well it is, and I'm what's haunting it.  My name is Alburtis Cullen. But you can call me Al. I died Read more