Run For Your Lives, It’s Inflation

First it was Wal-mart. Then came TJMaxx. Who will be next?   These retailers are going to raise wages. Nine dollars an hour for TJ’s and its Marshall’s and Home Goods brand stores. Great news, right?  Maybe.   First, let’s do the math.  $9.00 an hour x 40 hours = $360. Times 52 weeks (assuming a two week paid vacation) = $18,720 before taxes.  Sounds decent, right? Well, not really. But better than now.   Now, let’s look at the poverty line:   If you’re single, it’s $11,670 according to federal figures for 2014, the latest available. For a couple, it’s $15,730.  Family of three: $19,790.  Getting iffy here.  And for a family of four: 23,850.   You still there after all that math?  Good. Here’s more.  Assuming a two income household, Read more

Giuliana “RANCID” Rancic

thinks she is funny and she also thinks she has the right to criticize someone else's looks. Obviously she sees something different in the mirror than what the rest of us see on the television. Think again skinny lady with the pop eyes and oversized teeth. As many of our grandmothers and mothers used to say: "Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house". The female half of the greedy duo of Giuliana and Bill Rancic, who co-stars on "The Fashion Police" and who has headlined elsewhere on the "E" channel, her own reality show with her husband including their Italian wedding, Entertainment Tonight and lately spokesperson for a furniture chain, has now apologized for a rank and racist comment she made about former Disney star Zendaya Coleman's red carpet look. Rancic commented on Zendaya’s Read more


have never been well thought out. Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has never been the kingpin of his or anybody else's PR. It's just that his dumb mistakes and foul mouth have been forgiven by the Ray Donovan types of his world...the PR people who "fix" the image problem. So for everybody to run around acting shocked and making it the top talk story on the "shows" is also fake. There was nothing new to talk about in the news of sensational value until Rudolph started yapping. Now the so-called brilliant topics of discussion range from "Do you agree with Rudy?" to Does Rudy have a valid point saying the President doesn't love America?" Would somebody please tell the rest of us why we should care about what Rudy says, what Rudy thinks and for that matter, why should we care about Read more

Snow Day Challenges

Bikes on Ice. It would be cute if it weren't dangerous. How one handles the weather is relative. If one never experienced driving or walking on ice and in snow, then riding bikes on ice is understandable. Why didn't the parents buy these kids a sled or some ice skates? By the time I took this photo, the poor boys had fallen at least twice and had even more trouble getting up. Schools were closed in the Charlotte, North Carolina area today due to two tenths of an inch of ice. Many small and medium sized and even large southern cities just don't have an array of salt and sand trucks. For all of my friends in Chicago and Detroit who have experienced very sub zero temperatures this past week, for the folks in New England who are still suffering, especially in New Hampshire where some 100 feet Read more