By now you’ve probably heard the warnings about fake IRS people calling and demanding money. If you haven’t heard, warnings are coming down the pike about people who call and threaten citizens with jail or worse if he or she doesn’t wire money immediately. One lady sent ten thousand dollars to the scammer’s address, only to find out later that it was a hoax. Of course it was.   The scammers are targeting a cross section of the population but seniors are most vulnerable. A former neighbor of mine got one of those calls, but it was a message on her answering machine. My neighbor who was elderly called one day in tears, asking me to come over and listen to this threatening message.   After listening to the message a couple of times, I wanted to laugh but I wouldn’t Read more

America’s Day the American Way

So as the world anticipates Sunday’s annual eat and watch football fest, a little historical reminder shouldn’t hurt. This is a little historical truth for those tuning in this year for the first time or for those who haven’t been around since the early days of Super Bowl. There are three types of Super Bowl watchers; those who love football, those who only want to see the much talked about commercials and those who tune in for the entertainment. I was one of those entertainment watchers who waited for the halftime show and sometimes the celebrity who sang the National Anthem before the game, until husband came into my life. My husband, like most men never cared about the commercials or the entertainment. Those are the moments he would go for the expensive snacks. Snack stats by the Read more

The Quandary of the Nuns

by Wes Richards The old timer sisters would have known how to handle this.  They would have torched thy neighbor.  Or picketed. Or both.   Now, everything’s a federal case.  Well, not necessarily an actual federal case, but at least a court case.   So it was when the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo took the owners of neighboring Club Allure to Cook County Court.  A strip club.   Cook County is Chicago and lots of small adjacent places.  These neighbors are in neighboring Stone Park. They are next door to each other.   The nuns filed suit.  In it, they allege, there is lewd behavior and “paid sexual contact for arousal purposes.”  There’s a phrase for you.   But okay, it’s a strip club and it’s next to a convent and Read more

Live Long and Cranky

by Wes Richards A new study puts you cheerful optimistic yea-sayers in their place.  It says you have no advantage over us curmudgeons who start life with colic and as toddlers are already on the verge of making a motto of “get your dog off my lawn.” Crankiness is not, it says, life shortening or damaging to your health.  The study was limited to about 70- thousand women in Britain.  But its results can be extended to cover anyone.  You included. This information has been a long time in coming.  But the stirrings have been there for a long time. Let’s differentiate between people who ARE cranks and those you just think are cranks.  And for that distinction, we owe thanks to writer Jessica Bennett who may or may not have coined the Read more