Post Party Depression by Wes Richards

  A few words about the Fox TV encounter among the top ten Republican presidential wannabes. (Fox called it a debate, but it wasn’t.)   You can put the ten of them neatly into five categories.   Louts/Gavones: Trump, Christie.   Smarmy/Whiney: Huckabee, Kasich.   Dopey: Bush, Walker, Paul.   Self Lobotomized Brain Surgeons: Carson.   Tokens: Cruz, Rubio.   There’s some potential bleeding among the categories.  For example, you could put Carson in “tokens” and move Paul into “Self Lobotomized” though you’d have to change the category name to “Blind Eye Doctors.”   What a sorry lot.  Who won?  Fox News and Hillary Clinton.  Carly Fiorina and Bernie Sanders were the runners up.   The differences among Read more

A Ghost’s Story

by Wes Richards The following recently materialized on the Wessays™ computer hard drive and is being posted as received:   You have to wonder what's wrong with people.  Here I've been “living” peacefully for a long long time and now new people move into the house.   I try to scare them off. It's not that I don't like them. It's just that this is MY personal space. So I turn down the thermostat.  They can't figure out why it's cold.  I float up behind them and tap them on the shoulder and they jump.  I move things around, drop dishes, slam doors in the middle of the night.  And what finally happens?  They figure the place is haunted.   Well it is, and I'm what's haunting it.  My name is Alburtis Cullen. But you can call me Al. I died Read more

So Long to the A&P

1521 So Long to the A&P by Wes Richards If dingy were a fashion statement, the A&P would be Coco Chanel. From its lofty perch as a retail pioneer to its long road down to bankruptcy, there’s no more familiar a name than this first generation and possibly actual first supermarket. But it’s been decades since the original grand opening in 1859 and almost as long since there’s been anything great about the “Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company.” Mention this outfit and a frequent reply is “oh, are they still around.” Yes. Sort of. They’ll be closing or selling off most of their stores. This will mean a boom in the population of homeless rats and roaches whose breeding grounds will thus be freed of inspection. Along with their A&P Read more