Mom used to watch that Rod Serling show with that scary music and scary man’s voice at the opening, announcing your arrival to the TWILIGHT ZONE. Being the type of kid I was, scary was not my thing so I would leave the room. When that wasn’t on TV, the news showed riots and policemen with dogs beating back people with sticks and hoses. Mom said all the people were trying to do was either vote, go to school, go to the bathroom or sit down somewhere to eat. For the most part, the people couldn’t do any of that without confrontation with police and other people. I used to cry until I left the room. Once as a teenager, I had to drive my Parents' new Oldsmobile to Kennedy Airport from New Jersey to pick them up at 5 o'clock in the morning. About 3:30AM on the Garden State Parkway Read more


Deadbeat: A "deadbeat" is the unflattering term sometimes used in the credit card industry to describe consumers who pay off their balances every month, using the lenders' money but paying no interest on it. The more-polite, official term is "transactor." Since the recession's end, deadbeats -- or transactors -- have been on the rise, since more consumers see the wisdom of using credit cards as a tool of convenience, not an instrument of debt. Read more:   Go Deadbeats!!!! You will be punished though if you let all of your credit cards maintain a zero balance. Creditors will penalize you for not spending money, especially retailers. They don’t like what they call “deadbeats” and they will let you know Read more

Balance the Books

It’s happened to us at least twice (this year) and I am the person who balances the checkbook sometimes twice a day. Since my frugal Mom passed, I find myself being even more frugal than I was in the past. She constantly said: “You’ll see….” and she was talking about a multitude of things that happen later in life. Anyway, I see.   Twice, a vendor has tried to rip us off for a few pennies. The merchants assumed we would never catch the theft. Certainly they figured we wouldn’t find out because we are old (in their minds) or because the average person just doesn’t pay attention. Whatever the reason they thought we are stupid, they were wrong.   The first little theft was at a popular seafood market/restaurant along the Jersey Shore. The fish is fresh, so Read more

Many Dances With My Father

OH Pops, Dad, Daddy, Father….Happy Father’s Day. This is the third blog I have written about my father, but the first to be finished and the only to be published. It’s not as easy to write about Dad as it is to write about Mom. I don’t know why but Mom was easily defined. Pops on the other hand, had so many sides to define that I found myself looking for the one that most shaped me.   It’s a given that Dad taught us about dating: “Make sure he knows how to tip, make sure he opens doors for you, he should always walk on the outside of the sidewalk and make sure he has a J-O-B!” At the same time, he taught our brother how to dress, how to treat women and how to be strong. He taught all of us that we had to get "A's" to be considered equal to white classmates who Read more