3 Fun Ways for Seniors to Reduce Stress by Jim Vogel

Earlier this year, we received an email from a subscriber to the High Heels blog by the name of Jim Vogel. We love what Jim and Caroline Vogel are doing and thank him for the email and for just being there. Below is a copy of that email: "Hi, We spend so much time worrying about the physical health of our senior loved ones that we end up neglecting a key element affecting their overall well being--their mental health. The CDC notes that 20 percent of people 55 and older experience “some type of mental health concern,” but mental health issues are widely “untreated or under-treated” among seniors. It saddens me to think that our seniors so often feel lonely and forgotten My wife and I created ElderAction after we began noticing the decline in mental health of our ailing parents. Read more

If You Can Lean, You Can Clean!

Five furnished bedrooms, three bathrooms, two car garage and the kitchen of my dreams. I could have done two different cooking shows from that kitchen. It was wonderful.   Then one day Hub said: “Let’s get out of here!” I said “ok” and the next day I started getting rid of stuff, books first. It was September 2013 and everyday after that until the day we closed May 15th, 2015, something left the house. Books CDs and DVDs went to the local library and university, furniture and household items went to Habitat for Humanity. At one point, we gave Habitat two full large garbage bags of light bulbs. We pulled up to the Salvation Army or Goodwill once a week and our neighbors became the recipients of some decorative items. Nevertheless, when we arrived at our new place, a two Read more

Mom Knows

I’ve been gone from the writing scene since February 16th because I’ve been preoccupied with other necessities in life. I’ve been getting rid of any and everything in our home that needs to be stored.  No more storage. With Mother’s Day 2016 on our minds this month, I'm finally ready to reveal where my head has been. What’s Mom got to do with it? Well, it’s much of Mom’s things I’ve had to discard. She passed three years ago and it’s taken this long to complete the project of distributing her possessions. In case you wonder why you should care, everybody has to go where I've been sometime and the road is not paved.   The other link between Mom and getting rid of “stuff” is that for years before she passed, she always wanted me to help her get rid of “stuff”. Read more


By now you’ve probably heard the warnings about fake IRS people calling and demanding money. If you haven’t heard, warnings are coming down the pike about people who call and threaten citizens with jail or worse if he or she doesn’t wire money immediately. One lady sent ten thousand dollars to the scammer’s address, only to find out later that it was a hoax. Of course it was.   The scammers are targeting a cross section of the population but seniors are most vulnerable. A former neighbor of mine got one of those calls, but it was a message on her answering machine. My neighbor who was elderly called one day in tears, asking me to come over and listen to this threatening message.   After listening to the message a couple of times, I wanted to laugh but I wouldn’t Read more