Anyone Want More Coffee?

by Wes Richards Sure, thanks. Black, no sugar, no cream. Coffee is the lifeblood of creativity, second only to pure alcohol.   But wait.  There’s more. Coffee is bad for you.  It makes your heart race.  It deprives you of sleep. It raises your cholesterol.  All of this is proven scientific fact, ably demonstrated in a host of peer reviewed studies.   Oh... but wait.  There’s STILL more.  Coffee is good for you. It prolongs life, fights cancer and deflects dementia.  All of this is proven scientific fact, ably demonstrated in a host of peer reviewed studies.   Which peer are you fishing from?   It may be that different kinds or strengths of coffee affect different people in different ways.  There are those of us whose blood pressure Read more

Covering Paris

by Wes Richards Can we stop being stupid, just for a moment?  Probably, but not for sure.  The “we” is the news community.  It is not beyond hope. But close. When the attacks happened on a mild autumn evening in Paris, in a soccer stadium where a friendly rivalry was in play, in a concert hall where a band from California was making the noise that passes today for music and in the little cafes and bars that underpin the romantic and poetic myth that is Paris, we the coverers got our collective head out of the trivia that today passes for news. Suddenly, your TV set and your newspaper forgot about college protesters in Missouri and New Haven. It forgot about Cosby, the Kardashians, the red carpets and the kindergarten for the criminally insane Read more

Back Peddlin’ Boomers

Like a million other baby boomers, we decided one day to move south, purchase a house, finally get a private garage for the cars and more bang for our buck.  First step: online looking for areas, prices and space. We decided to join a planned community (not a senior community) that offered model home choices. We chose a three bedroom, one level home that gave us the option to upgrade by building a second level and two more bedrooms. Great! We can have a guest suite for company. We did all of that, gave away a bunch of stuff, kept as close an eye as we could on the builders, packed up our stuff and hit the road. We moved south about six months after making the decision. We settled in, loved the space and the neighbors were nice. Most of them had also migrated south from urban areas. They Read more

Selective Memories

It was September 11, 2015, fourteen years since the airplane terrorists attacks on U.S. soil. Everybody was saying the same thing: "Remember...We shall not forget...". I was moving about with the television off. Some of us had refused to be depressed all over again and refused to write about it, having already done so on the tenth year anniversary in 2011. Some of us cry "Remember..." and "We shall not forget...." and some of us who witnessed the tragedy in person choose to try and forget. When the smell of burning bodies stays with the nose for 14 years, it's hard to forget even if you want to. It's not possible to totally forget but it is possible to re-think, re-focus and "remember" what we want to remember. EXEMPT FROM THIS THEORY ARE FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF 9-11 VICTIMS. As I sat Read more