Gifts and Teens

Gift giving for teenagers that are not your children. Figuring out what to buy for today’s teen may be the single hardest decision to make. It’s up to their parents to furnish the electronics. We stay in our lane. So that leaves clothes, gift cards or cash. Using the process of elimination to keep it simple, we immediately omit clothing. They know what they like and most likely, it’s nothing like what you like.                                                                              With gift cards and cash on the table, we narrow it down to a gift card to a clothing store. It’s like cash. Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Now we need to figure out what store they like (this year). Let’s start with the girls. Here’s how the text went: Us: Read more

$hursday Night Football

  WHAT TO DO WITH THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL….the big question in the newscast lineup on sports, news and financial channels. When the financial news channels start talking about what to do with Thursday Night Football, rest assure it’s about the money. (Veteran DJ John DeSantis still does this radio show in California. It is actually a Monday night NFL pre-game show) When Thursday NIght Football first came on the scene, the NFL THOUGHT it would be a money maker. Since then, sports writers and other experts have talked about the commercials. Are there too many ads to hold the interest of the average viewer? Is football on Thursday just a greedy overkill of something that works best on Sunday and Monday? Everyone has a theory, but it’s up to the NFL to come up with the answer. Read more


Ever since cell phones got fancy and teenagers stopped speaking to their parents until they were given a smartphone, news outlets have debated the issue of whether or not parents should spy on what teens are doing on their phones or any social media activity. Last year, NBC’s Today show featured a debate on the subject. The debate ended with the fact that 60 percent of American parents think it’s ok to secretly peek on on their kids’ smartphones, Facebook or Instagram accounts. According to the TODAY Show sources, moms are most likely to be the ones doing the spying.                                                       Mom spying on daughter’s online activities. Photo courtesy: ` The question comes up as to whether or not parents Read more


I've been watching a lot of sports lately, for one reason or another. The main reason is because the current sports season has been with baseball, basketball and football. There are the college games, played by the children of people I don't know. Hub watches all of it and he watches on the best TV we have. So I give in and watch too. This season it's been the Cubs. Hub's always been a Chicago White Sox fan but once the Cubs got into the playoffs, we were all hooked. Having lived in Chicago for a good portion of my adult and professional life, I feel well qualified to speak my peace. So in case our readers outside of Chicago wondered why Chicago Cub fans were seen crying on TV during the World Series, think no more. Many Chicago families grew up waiting for the Cubs to get back to the World Read more